A year in review

Char's favorite Christmas present was the left over Santa cookies.
Char’s favorite Christmas present was the left over Santa cookies.

Our Christmas decorations are down, the littles’ new toys tucked into closets and the days left in 2014 are quickly slipping away. I’m more than a little relieved to usher in a new year. Six months after Shepherd’s drowning, nearly losing him, I can say we our finally over the hump. The hard, emotionally exhausting part of the grieving process seems to be behind us. We are still struck with hard moments, a quick vision of what we saw and experienced with our sweet boy, but they are much less frequent, and we can dismiss them if we choose to. The rawness has worn off. Erron and I have survived and grown as a couple. Shepherd continues to thrive, grow, and learn new things. As parents, we have adapted to any subtle changes emotionally or cognitively we may be facing.

Erron and I slipped away for dinner last night and it was so sweet to talk about the upcoming year. Ideas for this blog, us serving at our church, plans for our family. I’m all about learning from the past… but man, bring on the new. Facebook keeps trying to sell me on “My Year in Review” by giving me a jazzed up border on a pic I posted in June of an intubated Shep. I cannot delete it from my feed fast enough. Although most of this year revolved around what happened to Shepherd, and the fallout it caused, I’d like to let the hurt and fear continue to fade away while holding tightly to all the good that came from such a terrible accident. The overwhelming love and support that was sent our way from thousands of people, many that we’d never met. The pride I feel from how hard Erron and I worked to get our marriage back on track after such a blow, and the way our family and friends circled the wagons, holding us up, when we were in our worst moments. A faith in a Good God that overflowed in the middle of my worst nightmare.

Not to mention the fact that Erron and I moved states, changed jobs and Charlotte has become this little person that is widely entertaining and lovable.

These are the moments I’d like to remember from 2014, and then I’d like to turn the page and start the next chapter. Happy New Year friends.


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  1. So glad everything is going so well! I am Jennifer Lassiter Bochert’s mom. I spent a lot of time praying for and it made me feel close to your family even though I didn’t know you! Enjoy that little pirate and your precious family and know that you helped me to become closer to God from praying for your family!
    Lisa Lassiter

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