The Good Life

We have spent nearly every night of summer, curled up with the littles watching a movie. It’s how we ease into bed time. By then, their tiny tan bodies are finally relaxed, and lounging on the couch or the easy chair, these little people nestle in, fitting into our larger bodies, like puzzles pieces.

Last night, when Erron got home, we played hide and seek. Charlotte gave Shep away every time, because she would only hide where he was. He screamed and she bounced every time anyone was found. Attempting to out do Erron, I wedged myself in the cabinets under the kids’ bathroom sink, and then got stuck. Erron would only drag me out after he’d stolen a picture on his phone.

On nights like this my eyes wander across the room and land on Shep resting on Erron’s lap.  I gaze at his smooth face while he watches the dragons across the screen and I study his expressions. His tiny slope nose, his giant eyes. Then I lean in and smell Char’s hair, wet and clean from her bath… and my eyes begin to water, I can’t help it. This last year has made me such a softie. I know these are the moments I’ll remember when I’m old, and my babies have walked out the door and into their lives. I’ll think back on how sweet nights like this were, and how we all had to be touching someone else in order to be truly comfortable. This…is the good life.

Shep tramp

char summer

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