Dear Shepherd,

You are officially 7. Congrats sweet boy, you are a big kid, even though you occasionally forget now and again. You asked me yesterday if I thought you were too big to be in Kindergarten. The truth is, I second-guess our decision to hold you back every time someone asks you if you are in first grade. I inwardly cringe just a little, as I’m sure you might too. I’m praying eventually this shakes out, until you get your driver’s license before your friends and become The One With A Car. But deep down I believe what I said when I answered your question. “No, sweetie. I don’t. Your dad and I believe you are a leader, so that’s what you can be in school. Being the oldest will help you do that even better.”

If you take your name as a verb, the definition of Shepherd is to guide or direct in a particular direction. Synonyms include: lead, take, guide, and see. These are all attributes I see in you my son. I particularly like the word see. Because you DO see Shepherd. You are the most intuitive child I’ve ever known. You sense what people are thinking, good or bad. This can come in handy for you. You can read a situation and adjust accordingly if you pay attention. You also have passion Shep, and as you continue to gain control of it, you can direct it towards issues that matter to you, and can use your passion to inspire others. You stand out to your teachers and camp counselors for your ability to encourage. That’s leading Shep. Leading is helping others believe in themselves. You do this naturally.

My prayer for you this year is that you will grow in your belief in yourself. You have what it takes. You are a wonder, kid. You’re deep waters, curiosity, heart and fire. We love you more than you could ever know, and we’re right behind you, through this year of 7, and every year after.

Jeremiah 3:15- Then I will give you shepherds who are dear to my heart. Their knowledge and understanding will help them lead you.

It’s clear, Shep has perfected the “Moooom, enough pictures” expression. Never enough, kid. Never. Enough.

One thought on “Shep is 7.

  1. Dear Allie,
    I know we have never met, but I have known the ‘Capertons’, since the early 1960’s. They, & their families are very precious to me. And, Shep’s journey has been a constant in my prayers, since it began.
    Being a child, who began kindergarten at age 4, I was very happy to read that you & Aaron had decided to ‘let’ Shep be a “leader” in his class. And, although he doesn’t realize it now, when he is older he will be happy about it also. Even though, intellectually, my age was not a problem, very early on I began to feel that my classmates were emotionally more mature than I was. I know that school could have been a much happier experience for me, if I had been a “leader”.
    Thank you for your bravery, in sharing the smiles & tears of your lives with us. Know that we are cheering you on & you are still
    in our prayers.

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