NYC Recap

Andrea, Tamara, and me on our last night in the big city.

Well, NYC was fast and furious, but after visiting there several times, I’ve decided that’s just how trips to New York City are.  Andrea and I flew in on Thursday, met up with Tamara, then headed out to drinks and a rowdy Jamaican dinner. Tam is one of the original Dallas prayer group girls who now spends most of her time styling models for photo shoots and runway shows in NYC. Tamara is humble, with a loyal heart of gold even though I think she’s a pretty big deal at what she does. Plus, she let me borrow her boots with the fur, (no lie) so I felt like a super star walking to dinner.  The three of us did not stop running around till Sunday morning when it was time to go home. By then, Andrea and I were so whipped, we could barley muster up the energy to walk around the corner for coffee before we left for the airport. Also, on this trip I learned “walk” means different things to people depending on where they live.  For me, a walk to a destination means 5, maybe 10 minutes. I’m driving if it’s any further.  For Tamara, it means 10 blocks. In heels. Like it’s no big deal. Andrea and I were totally the girls with flats stashed in our purses by day two.

We crammed as much in as we could. We did a broadway show, the MOMA, Central Park, and walked The Highline with a Texas friend we picked up along the way. We shopped Zara’s, walked around SoHo, and ate a cupcake in West Village. Surprisingly, one of my favorite things was this psycho spin class we took called SoulCycle.  After realizing I could secretly never turn up the resistance on my bike, I quit worrying I would pass out, and loved every minute of it. You are literally doing push ups while you’re spinning on the bike, it’s insane. The instructor was part biking rockstar, part DJ…..It was like being in nightclub at the gym, which made the fact that I was burning roughly 10,000 calories even more exciting. Which was great, because the food……

time square

Tamara knows how to eat well in NYC. The places she took us to were so different from anything in Oklahoma and the food was just ridiculous. So. Good. The grand finale was Del Posto…an Italian restaurant that was so delicious, and so upscale I couldn’t pronounce the majority of the menu and I had to mentally block out images of spilling my aerated wine or dropping my fork. My purse had it’s very own leather ottoman to sit on, so it didn’t have to touch the floor. Huge step up from Ted’s Cafe Escondido, just saying.

Saturday brunch. I ate every single bite plus the french toast we ordered for dessert.

We got to stay with Tamara which made us feel like the real-deal and because of her we saw places in  NYC we would have never known to visit. Spending quality time with these girls was such a treat and getting out of my everyday routine was exciting.  I loved seeing Tam in her element and Andrea taking it all in for the first time. But by Sunday morning I was dying to get back to Erron, the littles and my small town that moves at a much slower pace. Tamara does NYC like a boss, but I’m not cut out for it full time. If it weren’t for her, Andrea and I would still be waiting for the cross walk light to change on the street corners…..

The view from Tam's apartment!
The view from Tam’s apartment!



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