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Hi there! I’m so excited to be bringing you all this content! Documenting our everyday life is something I’m really passionate about- seeing beauty even when you might think there is none. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our routines and neglect to see- really see- the joy in our own lives. Perfection in the imperfection. Love when you feel unlovable. Light in the darkness. But I promise you, it’s there.

When Shepherd had his accident last year, it absolutely sent our entire family into a tailspin- that seems like such an understatement, but I just don’t know how else to describe it. It wasn’t anywhere near the same degree of helplessness and fear that Erron and Allie experienced, but our world stood still and began to spin out of control all at the same time. I began to desperately hold onto every moment with my own children. I had always been pretty good about taking pictures at home, but this felt different. I NEEDED to have these moments captured. I frantically collected moments in my mind and pulled out my camera as often as possible, because what if… what if tomorrow, all I had left of my children were these silly, grainy pictures of them with bedhead and oatmeal-smeared faces? What if I couldn’t recall the way her hair caught the light in the late afternoon sun as she ran around in the most ridiculous outfit ever concocted? And the sweet way he tilted his head to the side, fingers in his mouth, to listen to me intently? Or the lines on my husband’s face and the blue of his eyes… What if…

393315_10150430889957079_146134375_n DSC_6870-2DSC_4710 So now here we are, half a year later, and my desire to document my family and our lives just as they are- here and now, good, bad, and ugly- has only intensified and I’ve noticed a lot of mommas feeling the same way. I get asked constantly, “How in the world do you get such good pictures of your kids at home?” and “Mine would NEVER sit still for that, “ and “I just can’t figure out my camera well enough to take pictures of my kids like this.” Well, never fear, mommas. We’re going to learn this together!

Here are a few things that will be covered during the next few weeks:

-Choosing and loving your camera

-Getting a fresh perspective on portraits

-Tips on when to shoot

-Camera settings


And more!

PLUS, we’ll talk about editing your images and sizing them for easy sharing or printing!

I’m not here to make you a pro, or jumpstart a career for you. I truly feel in my heart, that the moments we always want to remember of our families are fleeting and wild and chaotic and messy and perfectly imperfect: tiny hands reaching to be held, blonde curls dripping with bath water, watching from the windows as snow falls outside, the anticipation of Christmas morning, eyes of blue, quiet and peaceful mornings that make way into loud and unruly days, the way he crinkles his forehead while he works, and all the moments in between that hold intangible things… feelings…. We’re not taking pictures here. We’re freezing time.

These tips are strictly to show you that you CAN capture your own beautiful memories of your family at home! I promise I’m going to make this as easy to understand as possible, and I hope that you’ll feel brave enough to try out some of the things I’m going to share with you. AND I hope you’ll share them with us here on the blog, on Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #everydaylight. I’m going to be checking in every day, so be sure to leave any questions in the comments of the post, or on the Facebook post that correlates with each lesson.

I hope you’ll come back and learn with us! I’m really excited to get started and see all of the beautiful images you create and capture!

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  1. Love this ! You and Allie have such a beautiful relationship! You are the perfect person to capture these special moments! So excited for some insight on a glimpse of how it’s done! Love your pictures!

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