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weigfamily2014-6webSo, I’m a huge fan of the iphone camera because it’s simple and easy… but every now and then the quality of the photo leaves something to be desired, and I’m wishing I’d gotten that sweet moment of my littles captured with an actual camera.

I LOVE beautiful photographs but I’m terrible at taking them.  It must be part of the technology deficit I have which causes well functioning computers and iphones to quit working just by looking at them. STILL. There is always hope. Even for tech-phopic moms like me, which is why my sweet sister in law, Chelsea Ahlgrim, will be doing a series of guest posts  focusing on the basics of photography that hopefully any mom can take something away from. We own a fairly decent camera but I won’t touch it because I’m way too intimidated. Chelsea’s goal is that no matter what kind of camera you have, something in her posts will give you enough courage and confidence to dust off your “real” camera and use it to capture some beautiful candid moments of your family in perfect clarity. I will still be writing  my own posts, totally unrelated to photography, but Chelsea will be guest blogging her photo tips for the average mom here once a week for the next 3 or 4 weeks.



A couple quick things you should know about Chelsea. She is Erron’s younger sister and I adore her. She is totally down to earth and when she’s taking your picture she makes you feel totally comfortable which can be challenging when your kids are screaming, your hair is stuck in your lip gloss, and everyone is sweating because it’s 500 degrees outside in Oklahoma. She’s also a mom to two of her own littles, Vesper who is 3 and Grey, who’s almost 2, just like Char. Chelsea’s been doing all of our family photos for years, so I’m totally spoiled, but my favorite is when she has her camera at normal family get-togethers. She has captured some of the best candid photos of my children that I still swoon over. Here are some of her beautiful photos so you can see who you’re taking tips from. I’ve already reached for my own camera a few more times just knowing her advice is on it’s way.







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