Escape to Old Navy

The face I've been making in my head the last 48 hours.
The face I’ve been making in my head the last 48 hours.

So, my kids ate granola bars for dinner yesterday. I didn’t even feed the bars to them, Shep did. We spent the evening in the backyard and when he figured out dinner wasn’t going to happen, he got in the pantry, grabbed an unopened box of bars and brought them out to me. I told him, “Good thinking kid, here’s one for Sis.”  And they ate their crumbly dinner on the tramp. I don’t even know if Erron ate dinner…did I eat dinner? That pretty much sums up the last couple days. Two steps forward, 6 steps back. Floors vacuumed, dog pees on the carpet, then the bed for good measure. Toys picked up, Char wrecks my closet. And both littles asking questions loudly on repeat allllll day at the same time, so I never really understood what either of them said, ever. I answered with a lot of “I don’t know baby, that’s a great question, maybe Daddy knows, and why are you guys so loud all the time?!” Shep finally responded to my complaining, “We talk loud Momma, God just made us that way.” Noted. The evening progressed with me fussing at Erron, then fleeing to Starbucks and hiding in an Old Navy dressing room, trying on workout tops and comparing sub-par parenting notes with Abbey over the phone. She did not feed her kids granola bars, for the record.

Finally, I came home, apologized to Erron and together we decided my parenting melt-downs weren’t really related to anything new going on, the above paragraph pretty much sums up an average week in my house.  Except this week I was handling the usual craziness with unusual hysteria due to the girls’ trip I was preparing to leave for.

Shep started swim lessons 4 days a week, and I’m gearing up to leave for NYC for 4 days.  It’s the longest I’ve been away from the littles and the first time I’ve been on a plane in almost three years. I’m so excited for this get-away,  I know the minute I’m dropped off at the airport I will relax, and I’ll come back a better Momma, but the combined anxiety of leaving town and seeing Shep in a pool for the first time since last summer has kicked my butt.

This cutie after swim. Every day he gains confidence and his teacher is my new favorite person.
This cutie after swim. Every day he gains confidence and his teacher is my new favorite person.

Hours later in bed, I texted a plea for help to my old Dallas prayer group asking for late night prayers as I struggled to calm down enough to sleep. I got some encouraging responses and an answer to prayer just two minutes later when a sleepy Shep crept into our room and crawled in bed with us. I was asleep in five minutes. And I’m taking my new workout top to NYC.

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  1. i love this and you. I can totally relate. Hayden ate pretzels for breakfast 🙂 have a blast in NYC!

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