HouseWe spent last week in Colorado. It was perfect. We’ve been coming to the same place for 19 years with my family and it looks like  it may be time to change up how we do Colorado in the future so this was a special last summer out to the house. I love that Shepherd and Charlotte are learning to love coming to a place I grew up visiting. I’ve decided where we stay isn’t as important as what we do while we’re here. I hope they grow to appreciate the mountains as much as I do. I want Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and Vail to become become some of their favorite family places.

Erron and I had a blast with the littles, every year they get older, trips get more fun because they can experience more things. We visited Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Shepherd was hysterical. Inside the cave, you’re not allowed to touch the inside walls or chew gum and Shep acted like a hall monitor. Before the tour even started he nearly busted me for keeping my gum in and the entire time we walked the cave he kept reminding us not to touch anything. Meanwhile, Char couldn’t keep her hands off anything which meant she had to be carried the entire time. Afterwards, Erron took Shep to ride the little coaster on the side of the mountain while I hung back with Char and ate popcorn. As soon as they got off the ride Erron bolted back to the line, buying  me a ticket, saying, “Allie, it was SO fun. You gotta do it.”  I got a date night, the husband got a round of disc golf in, Shep finally got to watch the real Star Wars with Nona, and Charlotte got to go down the water slide a million times. Everybody won.

This winter will most likely be our last trip out to the house before my family moves on and discovers  new ways to visit Colorado. I can not wait to get Shep and maybe even Char back on the mountain. The only question is, will they ski like momma or board like daddy?

This was best we could do at a  family picture.
This was best we could do at a family picture.


Erron Dgolf


Snakes from the back yard. Huge hit with the boys.
Snakes from the back yard. Huge hit with the boys.

Char grass

shep slide

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