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FullSizeRenderSister Charlotte turns two this Sunday and I’m in complete denial. She is our baby. Which must be why she still likes to wake up in the middle of the night…but whatever. She’s still squishy and round, but gaining thoughts, ideas, most importantly, words at a rapid pace. Watching her play with Shep, mimicking everything he does… I will tuck these memories away, and draw them out when I am old and need to smile.  Charlotte is precious.  Joyful, funny, loving. She melts me in every way. But she is also tough, determined, opinionated, and a little bit loud. She has a sweet, raspy smoker’s voice that we are in love with, unless she’s screaming… then it’s just loud.

Truthfully, I’m a little intimidated that this spunky little thing is taking notes from me.

I knew Charlotte was a girl, from the beginning, just like I sensed Shep was a boy. I was terribly anxious about her pregnancy because Shep’s ended so abruptly at 32 weeks after the doctors suddenly determined he would grow better on the outside. I feared the same for Charlotte. Instead, early on in our pregnancy, we were given 1 in 18 odds that Charlotte would have Down Syndrome. We were scared, and my heart was broken with worry for our baby, but we felt strongly that whatever lay before us would work out fine. She’d have a family that would adore her regardless. Obviously, Charlotte ended up not having Down Syndrome, which we confirmed though a relatively new test in Texas called MaterniT- 21. It’s non invasive, and highly accurate. Aside from that, pregnancy with Charlotte was a breeze. (Full disclosure, I’m one of those girls who loves being pregnant and both babies were small so I avoided the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy.) Charlotte was a scheduled C section after Shep’s mandatory one, and the difference between the two was astounding. While there was intense fear and disappointment over unmet expectations surrounding Shepherd’s birth, Charlotte’s seemed like a dream, literally. No fear, just excitement. I cried when I met her.

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She did throw us for a loop though, when she arrived sporting jet black hair, a tan, and Asian eyes. Which would have been great, if Erron and I were not the most American looking parents on the planet. I was confused. It totally threw me. I’m embarrassed to admit I had a panic moment when I racked my brain for some horrible memory I may have repressed and kiiiind of wondered if Erron was thinking the same thing. If you look at her now, you would giggle, Char is an obvious combination of the two of us. But when she was born…


Two quick years later, here we are. And she’s everything I could have wished for. Her best friend is brother and she appreciates little boy potty humor. He loves to teach her how to do things and she loves his attention, unless he is trying to hit her with a sword, then she’s over it.  She also LOVES to dance, her leotard is THE ONLY thing I can get on her without a struggle. And when I pick her up from Mother’s Day Out or church, she’s always holding a baby doll. It amazes me all the emotions  that come with having a daughter and how different some of them are from the ones you have towards your son. I am fiercely protective over her, her body, her heart, her spirit…yet I have a feeling she may have an ability to push my buttons a little quicker because I feel like I know what’s going on in that cute little head of hers. If she cries out in the middle of the night, I go to her room groggy and frustrated…until I touch her soft skin, then my heart softens and I have to fight the urge to crawl into bed with her and snuggle her back to sleep every time. I rub her back, bathe her in kisses then creep out the door. I can’t believe I get to be Charlotte’s momma, just like I can’t believe I’m Shepherd’s…and while I’m sad to see babyhood slip away, she’s too much fun to not look forward to the future. Happy Birthday, Charlotte Rose. What a gift you are, you are cherished.image2

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  1. Love love this post and love that sweet girl.. Made me cry happy tears!! What a joy and beautiful little lady she is!! You are such an amazing momma to her Allie. Happy b day Charlotte from your friends in TX! Wish we could be with you to celebrate !!

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