I’m going to take a little detour from the usual on this post and talk about one of my favorite things.


Every girl has that one feature they hang their hat on, and for me it’s my hair. It’s pretty much always been long and blond except for one unfortunate kneejerk decision to dye it brown after having Charlotte. Blonds: don’t ever do this. I wore a hat for a week until I could rush into a color specialist and begin lightening it back to it’s natural color,  then sat there, horrified, watching strand after strand of my over processed hair fall onto the salon floor.

Now, with my current life as a (mostly) stay-at-home mom/realtor I don’t have a ton of reasons to get out of yoga pants much less do my hair. I’m a total ball-cap girl. HOWEVER. When I do have something fun to go out to, I like to do it up right. Always have. Same with make up. It’s just so fun when you have the time to do it.

Back in the the Chi-Omega house at OSU, getting ready for Date Parties was one of my all time favorite things. And we had a couple girls in our house who had a gift for making other girls look and feel beautiful. One girl in particular would have a standing line of sorority sisters waiting their turn to get make up  and hair done by our resident stylist, Laynie… who I remember always looking put-together, even if she was just going to class. Sweet Laynie would barely have time fix own hair and throw some make up on her face before the event started because she spent the entire afternoon taking care of all her friends. She never rushed on us, and was always asking if we were happy with the finished look. We always were.

IMG_7988 (1)
Their most popular blo out style: “The Dru.” Make up thrown on at home.



Flash forward a few years and Laynie has gone on to launch a fabulous blo-out bar in Oklahoma City known simply as blo. It’s been so impressive to see our friend take her obvious eye for beauty and turn her talent into this incredible business that seems as fun to work in as it is to patron. Not to mention they are just DOMINATING the OKC wedding scene. One look at their beautiful Instagram feed and you’ll see why. (@blooutokc)

Emily Ann Hughes
Photo by: Emily Ann Hughes. Hair and make up by blo.
Peyton Rainey
Photo by Peyton Rainey. Hair by blo.
Aubrey Marie Photo
Photo by Aubrey Marie Photo. Hair and make up by blo.
A straight blo-out and make up.
A straight blo-out and full make up and lashes. Photo by Melissa Cosper.

I’ve been to other blo-out bars in Dallas and none compare to the one right here in Classen Curve. When I leave blo. my hair looks better walking out, and just as important, it stays put longer. My sister and I got our hair and make done at blo. for Sister’s outdoor summer wedding, and it lasted throughout the entire day, through the ceremony, and past the dancing.

Sister's June wedding!
Sister’s June wedding!

Sadly, I’m passed the “Wedding Every Weekend Phase” in my life as I’m sure many readers are too. Not to worry,  that doesn’t mean you’ve run out of excuses to treat yourself to a little girl time. To prove it, I’ve come up with my top 5 reasons I’d pop into blo and get girlied up.
Up first:

1. Family photos-I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done this before. Those pictures go on Christmas cards people. And I’m the one who plans out every single outfit! Why wouldn’t I treat myself to a little hair and make up?! Plus, then my look is a done deal and I can do what I need to do on picture day…. take care of every other family member.


3.Vacations: My blowouts have always lasted well into the next day, even without taking care of my hair-it would be a fun way to kick off a trip: looking and feeling like a million bucks.

4.Erron’s Work Christmas Party: I see his co-workers about once a year, at the annual Christmas party. Beauty definitely isn’t everything, but it’s nice to leave a good impression.

5.The kids’ school fundraiser: I didn’t go this year, but it’s a dress up event and a fun date night for the husband and me. Really, any nice date night is a good excuse to look like a hot momma.

And for mommas with older girls, they have a precious Strawberry Short Cake package for $24 that you can do for your younger daughter, or you can make a blo-out the cherry on top before going out to dinner on a mother daughter spa-day.

Photo by Melissa Cosper.

Senior Pictures-if ONLY this type of thing existed when I was graduating.

School Dances -they book up quickly on Homecoming and Prom nights, so be sure to call ahead.

So there you have it. Even though my hair usually only sees a curling iron on Sunday morning, I really do love any chance I can find to get dolled up. And blo. truly is the best place I’ve gone to do it. At my own wedding, I had to wash off my professional make up job and start over and had a friend re-do my hair. Blo. hits it out of the park every time, and each stylist who’s worked on me is darling, genuine, and easy to talk to. Blo-outs are $35, up-styles are $70 and braids range from $15-40.  Make-up starts at $40. Treat yourself or someone you love, the next chance you get. Laynie has been making girls feel beautiful as long as I’ve known her, and when you walk into Blo. that’s exactly what will happen.

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