1909838_514486418102_560_nMy little sister is getting married this summer and I’m helping her plan it because she’s a first year vet student and only has time to study and sometimes eat. It’s been fun (tiny bit stressful, but mostly fun) and it’s made me think a lot about my wedding. What I loved and what I would do differently. I think I’d keep just about everything but the dress. That dress decision was oddly hard for me to make, and I’d go a whole different direction now. Which is probably a good thing, since I’m 30 something and not 20 something…

Erron and I got married pretty young. We were 23 but Erron looks 16 in our wedding photos. We met at ages 18/19. (I tried to find an early picture however Facebook hadn’t even been born yet and I’m not up for digging through albums tonight.) We went to opposing colleges, but were introduced by a mutual friend when I went to visit her at OU.  It was pretty much game-over for both of us in about 6 months. Which was crazy, because we.were.freshman. We had a looong way to go before we could make this thing official. Erron transferred to OSU sophomore year and that’s about the time my friends  pretty much assumed I’d jumped off the deep end, and I basically had. In fact, if I could go back and do college again, I’d scale it back a little. Erron is amazing and all, and thankfully,  we ended up together, but I think I could have split my time better…girlfriends are a BIG deal, those friendships can last a lifetime too,  and I sort of forgot about that for about 4 years. (I would tell Charlotte the same thing.) If the boy is meant to be, he’ll be there in the end. I know Erron would have.

On our June wedding day, it poured. Rained all through the ceremony but by the time we made it out to the reception site we were treated to clear skies and a stunning rainbow. We took it as a good sign from the Man Upstairs.  Minutes before I was about to walk down the isle, I realized my Something Borrowed had fallen off my finger. I was literally holding my hand up to show it to my dad, and discovered the ring was missing. Something Borrowed happened to be my mom’s diamond eternity band, so I was panicking as I walked through the doors. (If Dad was panicking, he kept it to himself, sweet man.) As I passed by the photographer standing in the doorway,  she deftly slid her own ring onto my finger so I’d have a Something Borrowed anyway, and I spent the first half of our ceremony whispering to Erron allll about how I’d lost my mom’s diamond ring. In fact, I spent most of the ceremony talking to Erron, because I was so nervous having people staring at me, staring at him. Erron just did the nod and smile thing, he was in a tough spot. Does he listen to the minster, or his bride? Nod and smile seemed like a safe way to go. I’m sure guests were wondering “What can she possibly be talking about!? ” (PS, my mom’s ring was found in the dressing room, so this can be a funny story,..not an unfortunate, expensive one.)

Anyway, we got married. And our reception was a blast. Still one of my favorite nights ever. Weddings are so much fun in general, and I loved ours. It drives me crazy that my Texas girls weren’t there because we hadn’t met yet…I’ve been to all their weddings and I’m weirdly sad they weren’t at mine. I’d like to think they would have had a great time, but in reality they would probably have been annoyed because there was lots of sorority and fraternity serenading happening. (Remember, we had just graduated so we were still SUPER dedicated.)

Helping plan my sister’s wedding has made me nostalgic so I’m adding lots of pictures. Erron and I will have been married 8 years this June. I kind of wish I could do it all again at our 10 year, but mostly so I could pick a different dress, which is probably not a good enough reason. So, I’ll just enjoy Sister’s. I’ve seen her dress, I think she got it right the first time.

Rainbow in the background…I still think it was a sign, maybe even more than I did that day.






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