Our Story


I’m Allie.

This whole thing began when my 3.5 year old boy, Shepherd, who loved to dress as a pirate, nearly died from drowning in my parents’ pool in June of 2014.  We were told he probably wouldn’t survive, and if he did…he wouldn’t  be the same Shepherd boy we had loved so dearly. We held our breath…and prayed. Nine days later, when our son was taken off the ventilator, we saw God’s mercy when Shep’s first words were,

“I want to go home.”

This began as that story, and that whole part of it is documented here in these posts. But it didn’t end once we brought our son home from Children’s Hospital. This is now not just the story of a pirate who lived… but of how we are all recovering. As parents, as a couple, and moving forward as a family.

Welcome to our journey.

3 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Shep has a purpose on this earth. You may never know why you are on the journey you are on, this side of heaven. But God has a reason. Trust in that. And with that trust, know God will carry you through this journey.

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