Shep’s Mother’s Day Questionnaire

I was tempted to write a sentimental post this weekend about being a momma. How the moment it happens it changes your life, and makes your heart spring out of your body and start beating inside another human being. How this Mother’s Day is even sweeter because of the year we’ve had. But I’ve already read some beautiful posts about motherhood, and don’t think I could even do it justice if I tried. I’ll just share Shepherd’s Mother’s Day questionnaire with you instead. It’s a winner.

Mother's Day

Sweet, isn’t it? According to Shep, I’m fussy, I smell like diapers, and I enjoy burning clothes with the iron. Oh, and don’t buy the food at McDonalds’ because it’s junk. Just FYI. Somebody was feeling more than a little ornery when he answered these questions. Diapers…really Shep? The photos I will save for your rehearsal dinner…. For the record, I don’t even use an iron. Ever. That’s what dryers are for. What a little turkey. When I questioned him about it, I could sense he had more than a clue about what he was doing. I’d be lying if I said my feelings weren’t bruised for a second, it’s funny how much you care about what those little people say about you behind your back…but Shep’s a 4-year-old boy, and big as his little heart is, he’s also got a streak a mile wide. It keeps things interesting, obviously. I consoled myself with the knowledge that every morning when Shepherd sleepily walks into our bedroom for snuggles…he comes to my side of the bed. So there you have it friends. Being a momma is the greatest and hardest thing I have ever done. Most of you know that first hand. Just like you already know sometimes all the love you pour out in a thousand tiny ways can go a little unnoticed. But you also know that you wouldn’t trade your worst day of motherhood back for anything in the world.

Momma’s who are reading, I hope you have a sweet day, getting loved on by all your people. And I hope you don’t smell like diapers. Maybe they’ll buy me perfume.

New born Shep

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